Yoga retreat in Portugal. Women Retreat. Yoga Retreat October.
Yoga Retreat Portugal October 2024

Golden October 6 – 12, 2024.

Yoga Retreat in Portugal.

Holistic Yoga, Selfcare, Spiritual Development, Outdoor Adventure & Nourishment for the Soul.

Re-wild &                  Rise

Reset your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Experience a transformative 7-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat by the Sea.

Re-wild and recalibrate yourself in a supportive, nurturing environment. You´re invited to join us in our boho wellness villa for a perfect blend of yogic practices, mental and spiritual nourishment, nature immersion, outdoor activities, wild wellness, surfing, and adventures — all tailored specifically for women.

Enjoy the benefits of a week long retreat with a proven concept, that will help you feel relief and lightness in your whole being. Reconnect with your soul and your SELF through embodiment practices, moments of reflection, and inspiring ceremonies or workshops designed to deepen your connection with your heart and being. From the Holistic Approach it’s about the inner growth that involves not only the discipline of the body and mind but also the purification of emotions, thoughts, and intentions. It seeks to align our inner being with higher truths, values, and principles that lead to self-realization and liberation.

Give yourself the medicine of belonging to an empowering group, experiencing the care that surrounds you. Feel grounded, inspired and alive. From our experience, we know it’s so much more than a yoga retreat in Portugal. The techniques you learn will shift your perspective and elevate your energy, and serve as a catalyst for positive transformation and growth. We establish a mind-body connection that will transform the way you move and live.

Surfen lernen für Frauen in Portugal September 2023

Shine Yoga Retreat October in Portugal
Shine Yoga Retreat in October in Portugal
Shine Yoga Retreat in October in Portugal

Yoga Retreat in Portugal, October 2024

Wild Wellbeing, Self-Develpment and Surfing Retreat for women

A conscious retreat to elevate your frequency.


Golden Summer: October 6 – 12, 2024

Sunny Spring: May 3- 9, 2025


Accommodation + Catering

  • Yoga and Surf Retreat October 2024 in Portugal
  • 7 days / 6 nights in dream retreat villa by the ocean incl. pool, sauna, indoor and outdoor Yoga space or gym. Beautiful boho style rooms (shared double / twin / single occupancy)
  • Daily delicious meals (6 x breakfast, 4 x lunch, 4x  dinner) are a tasty and colourful blend of healthy fusion and Portuguese cuisine. The food is a culinary food festival with lots of fresh plant based and vegetarian options full of flavour.

Yoga + Spiritual Workshops + Personal Development

  • 18 hours of  Yoga (Meditation / Pranayama / Mantra / Rituals). Classes are a blend of Tantra inspired Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Anusara Yoga, combining the best elements of each style
    • Mornings: Dynamic/Energizing/Detox Flow Yoga (Tantric Inspired Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga). Activate your life-force.
    • Evenings: Yin/Restorative incl. candlelight classes. Reboot your nervous system, and make your mind blissful and calm.
  • Some classes will be in a workshop style or ceremonies
    • 1 x Yoga Deep Dive into all important Asana’s and their physical & energetical benefits. Your chance to learn tips and tricks, 1:1 checks and time for individual questions
    • 1 x Unlock the Secret Wisdom of Emotions: Explore Your Inner Universe with Our Chakra Activation Workshop. This transformative workshop designed to guide you through understanding your emotional landscape in connection with the Chakra system and its energetic dynamics. Dive deep into your inner universe and discover the profound wisdom hidden within your emotions.
    • 1 x Magical Cacao Ceremony with sacred ceremonial cacao, music and a big blissful release. Get lost in a Sound Journey with uplifting frequencies and a Gong Bath. 
    • 1 x Voice activation – joyful singing and live music. 
  • Outdoor adventures like surfing, coastal hikes to stunning beaches e.g. breathtaking Praia do Ursa
  • Enough “free time” to explore more of the surrounding e.g. impressive cultural escapes to Sintra’s castles or the Portguese surfers paradise village of Ericeira.
  • Perfect mix between program in the villa and group activities outside to enjoy Portugal to the fullest
  • Lot’s of fun and freedom to be your most authentic, real self.
  • Whole experience of this truly amazing Holistic Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat for Women, Portugal in October 2024

Not included:

  • Transportation
  • Massages
  • Surf classes (surfing is depending on weather and conditions. We keep it optional, to give you flexibility to choose if and how often you want to surf. Example: 3 surf day´s = 100 Euros)
Feel connected, free and relaxed

This empowering Spiritual Yoga Retreat Portugal October 2024 is designed to show you the way back to your core essence, that shining easeful self. Just imagine; spending 7 days with fresh new impulses, time in nature, mindful practices, joyful activities, and shared moments with like-minded women in a stunning wellness villa. We’re creating a welcoming environment with higher frequencies and good vibes. You´re invited to connect, express, and explore your true, perhaps forgotten, SELF.

Enhance Your Well-being

This retreat combines full spectrum yoga, breathwork, frequency and voice activation, grounding energy for reflection and meditation, inspiring spiritual practices together with outdoor activities like hiking, surfing and wellness to boost your well-being instantly. Our in-depth yoga classes, holistic coaching, and workshops are designed to help you feel balanced and free. Based on our experience, these techniques will:

  • Shift your perspective
  • Elevate your energy
  • Serve as a catalyst for positive transformation and growth

Overall, these practices and insights will gift you with greater clarity and inner peace.

A Tradition of Rejuvenation

For the past six years, we’ve gathered here in May and October to enjoy the summer and recharge in this unique location. Nourish yourself from the inside out and soak up the sunshine before the darker months. Have some fun, rewild, and play!

Yoga Retreat in Portugal October 2024

Vegan Food Yoga Retreat in Portugal

your body and soul with a balanced diet rich in nutrients. At our retreat, we believe that food is fuel for your body, and we take pride in offering delicious and plentiful meals. Our chef is an excellent vegetarian and vegan cook, who cooked in retreat centres around the world. Beyond food, we recharge with the nourishing surroundings.

Whether you choose to play in the ocean, relax on the beach, or silently soak in the magical coastal views, one thing is certain – it will energise and nourish your body and soul.

  • Feel fit, vibrant, inspired and happy
  • Allow yourself to go on an adventure and feel alive
  • Disconnect from the everyday stressors in life
  • Give yourself the time and space to unwind, relax and re-charge
  • Find clarity and understand the voices within
  • Transform into the best version of yourself
  • Surf, flow and play…yes, flow state is the ticket to the present moment (the place where happiness exists)
  • Gift yourself a time-out and enjoy the sauna, pool, beach etc.
  • Explore a new culture and breathtaking nature
  • Shine brighter from the new connections and friendships with the like-minded, inspiring people you’ll meet.
Deluxe Yoga Retreat for Women in Portugal

What do we have for you? A unique location! Our bohemian-style villa (Quinta in Portuguese) with breathtaking views of Sintra’s castles, grassland, and the ocean is nestled in a national park, this laid back location is an intimate haven that is exclusively reserved for our group, fostering a deep connection with nature.

Enjoy front-row sunset views from the terrace, an extraordinary experience illuminated by Mother Nature. Our villa provides a secure space to connect deeply with the elements, other humans, and yourself -all amidst the relaxed vibes of this cherished location.

The villa boasts wellness amenities, including a sauna, gym, chill-out areas, a fireplace, and a spacious outdoor area with a swimming pool and even a grand piano.

Sounds like a 4-star resort? It´s not. We like it more rustic, real and authentic – make up or shoes are optional.

Explore the essence of our retreat and check out these pictures from our last yoga and surfing retreat in Portugal.  Yoga retreat October 2024 Portugal


In perfect location between Ericeira, Azenhas do Mar and Sintra (Unesco World Heritage since 1995).

  • Only 35 mins from Lisbon international airport.
  • 5 mins from the beach.

Explore Portugal’s renowned coastal region, blessed with some of the country’s most captivating beaches, including the top-ranked Praia do Ursa. Join us for a day at this remarkable location during our yoga and surfing retreat. Portugal exudes a special grounded and down-to-earth energy, surrounded by pristine nature. We believe that where you are is a part of who you are, and our retreat provides a beautiful environment for complete comfort. October is a beautiful time of the year, where warm temperatures and golden light add an extra touch of magic. That’s why we’re returning in October 2024.

Ericeira, a surfer’s paradise, captures our hearts with its perfect blend of tradition and surf culture. Sintra, a picturesque town full of castles, transports you to another century, nestled in the hills amid stunning nature. Feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale surrounded by colorful castles, enchanting buildings, and endless gardens – a view you can even enjoy from our house.

Yoga Retreat in Portugal

You’ll feel relaxed, grounded and ‘at home’ in no time. The lovely rooms are designed with style special attention to details in order to offer an idyllic accommodation experience. Get immersed in this Boho Style home and feel like a wellness warrior in no time.  Relax and have the best rest after a wonderful day on this Shine Yoga and surfing retreat.

We offer different kinds of rooms in order to fit all your needs:

Suites, double rooms, twins and the favorite female share `Sex in the City-Room´- (with a walk-in closet Carrie Bradshaw could have only dreamed about…) Perfect for solo traveling females. All rooms have either a balcony or terrace. We want to offer a luxe experience for an affordable price.

If you´re traveling solo, no worries. We´ll team you up with a nice room mate and you can share a room.

Glamping Bungalows! These new bungalows are epic with a real `glam’ feeling. It´s like a stylish room in nature. Fully furnished with ensuite bathroom and sunset terrace.

Yoga and surfing for women retreat October 2024 Portugal

Holistic Yoga Retreat in Portugal 2024

Daily time schedule:

Sunday October 6th 2024 arrival day.

  • Retreat starts at 4 pm / Check-in
  • Welcome! Get together & opening ceremony
  • 5.30 pm: Afternoon Yoga Session / Grounding & heart opening
  • 8.00 pm: Group dinner

Monday – Friday: 

  • 8.30 am Energizing Prana Vinyasa Yoga session
  • 10.30 am breakfast
  • Free time ~ beach, hiking, biking, surfing, relaxing in the villa, group activities, lot´s of options like day trips to Sintra (stunning castles and culture), Ericeira (world surf capital of Portugal) Playa Grande (gorgeous sunsets), Cabo de Roca (stunning cliffs and hikes) or simply sit in wellness, relax and enjoy life.
  • 1.00 / 2.00 pm: Lunch (flexible)
  • 5.00 pm: Afternoon Yin Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation or Workshop (2x workshops during the retreat 1. Asana Lab 2. ‘Secret Wisdom of Emotions’ – energetic anatomy of their effects on our life)
  • 7.30 pm: Sunset session / group dinner

Saturday, October 12th 2024 departure day, Check out: 11 am

  • 08.30 am Morning Yoga Flow
  • Closing Ceremony
  • 10.30 am breakfast

Schedule can change depending on weather conditions and energy of the group. We’ll adapt to make the most of every day.


Anke, the lead teacher for this retreat, collaborates with Manel Rodrigues to offer a diverse range of authentic teachings. The classes are thoughtfully structured to build upon each other, taking practitioners on a transformative journey. Together, Anke and Manel form a dynamic team, sharing powerful stories and teachings derived from years of higher education, yogic practices, and facilitating retreats and teacher trainings.

Their wisdom, grounded in both academic and experiential knowledge, weaves together various yoga methods, including Breathwork, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, and Precision & Flow from the Manu School of Yoga. They honor the ancient science’s spiritual wisdom, translating it into an understandable and empowering language for the modern practitioner. This approach encompasses the Yoga of Energy, emphasizing a holistic transformation both on and off the mat, fostering confidence, wholeness, and thriving.

Accessible yet powerful, their classes integrate the best elements of physical yoga, guided by mindful sequencing that ensures a safe yet challenging exploration of perceived boundaries. This unique style focuses on the flow of breath, energy management, steady movement, and the sense of completeness. This retreat provides an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, kindle your inner power, and recharge with energy (Prana), enhancing vitality, health, and radiance. It serves as a reset for your nervous system.

The yoga, meditation, breathwork, and workshop sessions in this retreat are carefully designed to progressively build, offering a journey that proves effective and immensely beneficial for your body, mind, and soul.

Yoga, surf and women retreat May 2024 Portugal

Spiritual Women Retreat

Anke Graewer 

Founder of Shine-Yoga Retreats, Retreat Leader, empowering Yogateacher (850 RYT), Force of nurture and #IamRemarkable Facilitator. She is known for her uplifting warm hearted spirit and she loves to create deep connections and ignites the shine in people. More about Anke

Manel Rodrigues Yoga Teacher Portugal. Manu School of Yoga

Manel Rodrigues 

He is an incredible Yogi and Leader at Manu School of Yoga with a method called Precision & Flow. This school of Hatha Yoga, combines Precision as the understanding of all the aspects of Yoga and Flow. He teaches at Wanderlust Festival and is a great surfer and passionate about philosophy and martial arts.

Deluxe Yoga Retreat for Women in Portugal

Chloe Clark

Singer and Songwriter, Vocal Coach from South Africa. Known from THE VOICE SA. More about Chloe

Gong Bath and Sound Journey Portugal

Jenna Alexandria

Jenna is known for her Sound Journeys + Gong Baths which are the most soothing, healing and restorative forms of self care. She teaches at Amplify Lisbon and shares or gifts on retreats.

This is the perfect retreat for you when you...

  • Want to deep dive into a holistic, powerful yoga practice to shape shift and enjoy the full benefits.
  • Crave to experience something new, feel alive, re-charge and have an amazing time.
  • Are a solo traveling women and want to be part of an uplifting group.
  • Are curious to learn more about how to use the mind / body connection and overall explore more in a deep dive of personal practice
  • Are ready for a transformation in your life and you need the supporting power of a mentor and group to help you move forward.
  • Want to level up; mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.
  • Want to enjoy the power of a supporting group, feel the empowering high vibe in the room and challenge you outside your comfort zone (yes, that’s where the magic happens).
  • Feel nourished by delicious food and enjoy lovely group style dinners with deep conversations
  • Love wellness, relaxing in the sun by the pool, sitting in soulful selfcare in the sauna or other cozy corners our retreat villa.
  • Want to enjoy a high level Yoga Retreat with an authentic down to earth attitude and style.
  • Love all things outdoors and connection to nature and REAL life experiences.
  • Go on hikes and want to ride waves in the ocean, surf and play on the beach.
  • Simply want to have a good time and re-charge before the darker months of the year.
  • Enjoy the feeling of being taken care of.
  • You´re invited to join our Shine Yoga Retreat Portugal in 2024.


The quality is high and we are proud to offer you a retreat experience for different budgets. Prices vary, starting from 500,00 Euros for the Yoga, Workshop and spiritual program. Customise your stay by selecting the room of your choice and catering in our wellness retreat villa. We offer different options. Contact for details.

spiritual retreat portugal 2024



Join us!

Group size is limited. This retreat will sell out. Book your spot while you can.

Let´s go where the wild things are. Feel alive, rise and shine.


Count me in!

I want to be part of this experience! Come alone or bring a friend. This retreat is designed for solo traveler. You´ll connect and meet liked minded new friends. If you want to be part of an amazing group and enjoy a wonderful time, get in touch for further details.

Explore more pictures

Please have a look through these pictures to get an idea of the vibe. We´ve been hosting retreats in this location for years and you can see a mix of pictures or happy moments we´ve captured over the years.