Wisdom of Emotions

`Wisdom of Emotions` Workshop

In a sea of constant uncertainty and change around us `Wisdom of Emotions` is a workshop that helps us find a solid ground within us.  This is a holistic experience that helps to break free from emotional limitations, find inner peace and genuine happiness. This workshop takes us on a journey through the most common emotions and experiences that have shaped our human experience. Unlock the energetics behind the anatomy of your emotions. A decade of learning and researching, in different cultures and with spiritual healers, has led Anke to create a special workshop and research topic. Insights around the wispering wisdom of emotions are incredibly helpful to overcome obstacles and go down to the root of it. This is an embodied approach using ancient tools of Yoga to decote the voices in your head and what they´re really trying to tell you.

Awareness is often a key solution to lots of challenges that we face in everyday life. The concept around the secrets of emotions will surprise and intrigue you. It’s proven to be incredibly helpful to free from blockages or limiting beliefs while stepping into your full potential.

This workshop is based on

  • phsychology
  • yin yoga
  • chinese meridians
  • self-reflection
  • Pranayama / Breathwork
  • anatomy of yoga

As a result the combination of these powerful tools can help people awaken their inner wisdom when they use the knowledge as a catalyst for growth and transformation. Feel, heal and thrive in life.

Feel free

Welcome to your experience on Love, Anger, Fear, Grief, Desire & Connection !

Why `Wisdom of Emotions`:

Wisdom of Emotions is using the tools of Yoga for emotional release. Feeling stuck and inflexible in a yoga posture may be more than just tight hamstrings; it could be some old feelings holding you back. Unexpressed emotions become stored and held in the body and, over time, create physical tightness, stress, tension, and sometimes pain. To increase the quality of life, understanding the most misunderstood emotion is a game changer. Yoga is not merely an athletic system; it is a holistic, spiritual system. Anytime you work with the body, you are also working with the mind and the energy system—which is the bridge between body and mind.

What to expect

A 2,5 hour Workshop with time to learn, understand, integrate through theory, physical practice e.g. Yoga poses, Meditation, Breathwork and journaling. The pratice of this workshop bridges heart, body, mind, and spirit, by holistically combining somatic heart-connecting meditation with the movement-oriented approach of yin yoga and mindset coaching.

We will explore the correlation of your body posture, quality of breathe, your energy level and your emotions. You will learn about the anatomy, where emotions like fear, love, sadness are located in your body. How to release or increase them and develop your awareness. Most of the time we are not even aware that a trauma like a heart break or rejection as a child is still stored in our body and that it´s affecting our current and future relationships and life.