Yoga Retreat Mallorca 2024

Ignite your Shine at our wonderful Wellness & Yoga retreat in Mallorca. This carefully crafted experience is designed to infuse positive energy into your life. Unleash your vitality, feel deeply nourished, and breathe life into your yoga practices. Relax your mind, enliven your spirit, and make a deeper connection with yourSELF and new friends.

For years, we’ve been curating this Yoga Retreat Mallorca at the much loved Bikini Hotel, and the joy is palpable. Each retreat leaves guests radiantly happy, making us eager to return and invite new guests to share the good vibes with us.



Dates: 24 – 28 March, 2024. Your perfect Easter holiday wellness break

Location: Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Port de Sóller: the one-and-only place to celebrate the breathtaking sight of the Port de Sóller Bay and the Tramuntana Mountains. Relaxing at the heatable pool or enjoying our NENI Mallorca restaurant – it all comes with a view in our 4-star BIKINI hotel.

Your journey to well-being begins here. Take a look through these pictures to sense the vibe.

Nourish your senses 
A touch of San Francisco in Mallorca. A mix of leisure living and hedonism. Made for those who value time, freedom and creativity as well as a little luxury here and there. You might call it an individual place for individual people. Or just the perfect spot to let go of everything and to celebrate the joy of life.

Proud to be one of the best rated Yoga Retreats in Mallorca 2024:

We are facilitating Yoga retreats in Mallorca with happy retreaters for years. Therefore we know the island, it´s inspiring places and people well. That allows us to curate an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Did you have a look at the reviews yet? Feel free to check out what guests are saying. We´re looking forward to sharing a magical happy time with you.

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Join us for a retreat that not only rejuvenates but also sparks the inner shine within you.

We are offering a best rated yoga retreat in mallorca 2024

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The best reward is to get such a nice feedback and look into the faces of happy retreaters. Retreat for intermediate yoga Ibiza 2024