Hi, my name is Ankie, I am a passionate yoga teacher and I am on a mission to bring more connection to people like you, through Yoga, Mindfulness and real life experiences.

I want to empower you to become the best version of yourself, aligning all parts that make us whole mind body and soul. I create community and inner & outer adventures, in shine yoga retreats in Portugal, Sri Lanka and Ibiza.

Love to connect with you.

Rise up and shine, x

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Surfing and Yoga Retreat for modern women in Portugal 2021

Benefits of a Shine-Yoga Retreat?

Connection, Nourishment, Relaxation & Inspiration. Shine-Yoga Retreats 2021 aim to provide more than the average. We raise the standard and create retreats for the yoga lover, the conscious traveler, who wants to go on an inner and outer adventure and those who are longing for connection and relaxation. Real outdoor […]

The Magic of Ibiza, the magic of Yoga and Two Girls with a Vision…

Why we create these transformative Yoga retreats in Ibiza We strongly believe in bringing women together from all over the world – to empower each other as sisters on a mission to create positive change. Highlighting our own physical and mental well-being and real life connections. Our vision is to […]

Woman in digital_Female entrepreneurs_Anke Graewer_Shine Yoga

For Purpose, Passion and Connection.

. That’s the title of a motivational talk I’d like to share at the next Female Entrepreneur Meet-Up at Dojo, Canggu. How to prioritize your life and make time for what really matters? In my opinition that question can only be answered if you have goals with soul for your […]

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