Yoga Retreats 2024 and 2025

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Empowering Yoga and High Vibe Retreats.

Discover transformative retreats for those seeking more in life—focusing on Yoga, embodiment, and feminine empowerment to nourish the soul. Our vision is to create a happy place with higher vibes, inviting you to connect, learn, and grow in yoga and life. Our sanctuary allows you to nurture your well-being, reconnect with yourSELF, and embrace a wilder spirit, finding inspiration and support. Crafted to enrich life with positive energy and vitality, our retreats offer authentic yogic practices, daily movements, and the subtle gifts of Yoga with Meditation, Breathwork, and spiritual practices, sprinkled with an extra dash of magic.

In a world dominated by technology, our retreats provide a break for genuine connections—with yourself, like-minded individuals, and the spiritual and natural world. Connect deeply, detox from stressors, and embrace total well-being. Join us at our unique locations, where a unique atmosphere meets high standards, infused with an easy-going, down-to-earth attitude, and a generous dose of fun, freedom, and happiness.

Ibiza Yoga and Detox Retreat 2023

Next Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats 2024 and 2025


October 6-12th: ‚Re-Wild & Rise’ Retreat. Experience the quality and depth of our Yoga, Wild Wellness, Selfcare & Surf Retreat by the sea -in our dream location.

Shine Yoga Retreat for women in Portugal


May 2025: Yoga, Detox & Spirit Retreat. ‘She Shines’ High-caliber, uplifting, positively life changing retreat for women. Exclusive wellness finca, unique location in Ibiza.

Shine Yoga Retreat for women in Portugal

Yoga at Bikini Mallorca

April  14-18th, 2025: Spring awakening ‚Ignite your Shine‘ – Feel fresh, full of energy and nourish all senses at our deluxe Yoga Retreat at Bikini Ressort in Puerto de Soller.

We stand for
  • Extraordinary boutique retreat locations by the sea
  • Retreats for modern, curious humans who are seeing inspiration and connection
  • Empowering Yoga (Vinyasa / Hatha / Tantra Flow Yoga / Meditation / Pranayama)
  • Soulful selfcare, time and space to fully relax and connect to yourself
  • Ancient wisdom x modern spirituality
  • Rituals and ceremonies to access deeper states of consciousness
  • Highly qualified, experienced teachers and charismatic retreat facilitators
  • Nourishing, high quality food, professional chef´s and detox programs
  • Community & togetherness in a supportive and fun group
  • Guided transformative workshops with different deep dive topics
  • Top service and attention to detail
  • Fresh impulses
  • High energy places
  • Immersive sound experiences and dancing
  • Lot´s of fun, freedom and that extra dash of magic
  • Happy memories that you wont forget
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Yoga and Adventure Retreats

women´s yoga retreat 2024. Ibiza Yoga Retreat in Finca 2024. Finca Yoga Retreat Ibiza. 

↠ Feel alive & free!

Shine-Yoga Retreats are epic experiences for like-minded individuals to connect, re-charge and empower themselves.

We are creating a space where the wild & wellness lover can gather, learn and grow in their yoga practice and life.

Surf and Yoga Retreat Portugal 2024

Ibiza Yoga and Detox Retreat 2023

If you would like to read more about other´s experiences on retreat, just click on Google and read plenty of real reviews.

The best reward is to get such a nice feedback and look into the faces of happy retreaters. Retreat for intermediate yoga Ibiza 2025

Yoga Retreat for single traveling girls 2025