Wellness Retreat for Women in Ibiza 2024

Yoga & Detox Retreat 




Yoga Retreat in Ibiza May 2023

Spiritual Yoga and Detox Retreat Ibiza, May 2024

‘she shines’

Welcome to this experience for personal well-being and collective happiness! This not only an extraordinary spiritual Yoga and Detox Retreat it is a  high-caliber, uplifting, positively life changing retreat. The retreat designed to bring modern women together on the magical island of Ibiza. You´re invited to retreat and at the same time we´ll inspire you to expand and be more radiant. Nourish your body, connect to joy and self-understanding. Relax deeply, inspire your spirit with tantric inspired Vinyasa Flow Yoga, wonderful ceremonies, celebrations, wellness, delicious detox, dancing, supportive energy and … fun!

With this intention in mind this Yoga and Detox retreat in May and June 2024 is happening in the perfect early summer season. We are proud of our amazing team and to be able to come together in such a stunning sea view wellness villa. All of this with the result that we can create a higher vibe and a deeply soulful experience.

Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza 2023
Yoga and Detox Retreat Ibiza 2023

fresh in spring 2024 with this Yoga and Detox Retreat in Ibiza. The combination of Yoga, meditation and inspiring spiritual practices will increase your wellbeing and free your mind and inspire your spirit. Where you are is part of who you are. Therefore the retreat will take place in stunning eco wellness villa and we´ll create a space where the wild wellness lovers can gather, enjoy an epic time, learn and grow in their Yoga practice and life. Just imagine… spending 7 days in an sunny environment with:

  • stunning sea views surrounded by beautiful nature
  • delicious detox meals to nourish your body
  • deep dives into yoga and meditation
  • pure bliss and relaxation
  • spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies to shift perspectives
  • magical sound journey and fun dancing
  • extraordinary team who can´t wait to share the love
  • hikes along the coastline, endless sunsets
  • Ibiza’s white sandy beaches, clear sea water and high energy places
  • Hippie Markets and so much beauty
  • new friends, fun & freedom
Feel connected, free and relaxed
Anke Graewer Shine Yoga Teacher
Yoga & Detox Retreat Ibiza
Yoga and Surfing Retreat

Yoga and Detox Retreat Ibiza 2024:

May 11-17 and May 25-31, 2024

Accommodation & Catering:

  • 7 days / 6 nights in eco retreat villa with breathtaking sea view incl. infinity pool, sauna, jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor Yoga space. Different rooms (shared double / twin / Cabanas) all with balcony or terrace and beautiful views over the sea or the gardens. –  Exclusive for our guests only-
  • Delicious Detox: 6 x daily generous breakfast brunch, 3 x dinner with (3 courses) 1 x (detox soup) and snacks. Meals are extremely tasty and prepared by our incredible vegan chef Ahimsa Plant kitchen & team. This Detox is supported by Divine Alchemy – Nutritional Science to Shine.

Yoga,Workshops & Spiritual Practices:

  • 14 hours of  Yoga / Meditation / Pranayama / Mantra / Rituals. Classes or workshops are a blend of Tantra Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and  Anusara inspired Yoga, combining the best elements of each style
    • Mornings: Dynamic/Energizing/Detox Flow Yoga. Activate your life-force
    • Evenings: Yin/Restorative incl. candlelight classes. Reboot your nervous system, and make your mind blissful and calm.
  • 1 x Cacao Ceremony with heart opening magical ceremonial Cacao from Costa Rica
  • 1 x Immersive and hypnotic sound experiences and ecstatic dance –  This session will help you to experience a higher state of consciousness, invite new frequencies, silence your inner critic. Shake your body and meet your spirit.
  • 1 x Tantra Workshop ‘Shakti Awakening’ with Nancy Goodfellow or Wisdom of Emotions Workshop  The ancient science of Tantra is one of humankind’s most spiritual paths. The workshops are connecting you to the deeper meaning of Yoga, your divine feminine energy and inspire to live more radiantly . Understand your emotions and their impact on your life
  • 1 x ‘Happy Hormones’ – the Women’s Wellness Workshop. Understanding how our hormones affect our bodies opens the door for biohacking our way to better health.

Free activities

  • Group activities like hikes along the coast, to breathtaking secret beaches or caves (Heavens Gate, Cala Comte, Time and Space, Es Vedra or other special spirit places in Ibiza)
  • Sunset ceremonies, beach days, Hippie Markets, Ibiza is full of hidden treasures and we know a few
  • Perfectly balanced agenda with inspiring program and enough free time to explore more of the surroundings or simply relax. The agenda of this retreat is well planned to offer a perfect mix, between program in the villa and group activities around the beautiful island
  • Lot’s of fun and freedom e. g. Sundowner at Sunset Ashram
  • Whole inspiring group experience of this special Yoga Retreat in Ibiza in May and June 2023


What do we have for you? A top location with unique sunset views over the sea! This is the ultimate wellness villa. Our exclusive home for the retreat is extraordinary with sea view infinity pool, sauna and stunning views  two dedicated areas to practice Yoga  (inside and outside areas) to enjoy this sacred practice under any conditions. All of this located just minutes from the sea, surrounded by nature, mountains, blue sky. The house is wonderful place with great atmosphere, spectacular sunset views. (Where you are is who you are. We want you to feel amazing). Our infinity pool & jacuzzi overlooks the ocean, because this expansive environment is perfect to unwind and free your mind.

Located on the west (sunset side) of the Island, the Shine-Yoga Retreat in Ibiza is only 25 mins drive from the international airport.

Important landmarks within in 20 mins radius

  • Sunset Ashram
  • Cala Comte
  • Time and Space
  • Es Vedra
  • Cafe del Mar
  • Puertas de Cielo
  • Hostal La Torre

All of these places are high energy places with an extra dash of magic

Luxury Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza May 2022

More pictures

For more impressions from past retreats click and browse through the Ibiza Gallery. Together with inspiring teachers and skilled facilitators we´ve done several international retreats with hundreds of happy retreaters.


your body and soul. A detox felt never so nourishing and satisfying. Without a doubt a balanced diet full of nutrients is crucial for our happiness, especially on retreat and when you want to re-charge. Therefore we love nourishing meals, big family style dinners and know that the food is the fuel, that moves your body. With this in mind we offer 100% plant-based-meals to glow from the inside out. In addition to food we re-charge on all nourishing things around us. You should know that Ibiza and the whole coastline around hour retreat villa is most likely one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Because of that it´s a magnet for sunset lovers from all around the world.

Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza May 2022

  • Feel fit, vibrant, inspired and happy
  • Allow yourself to go on an adventure and feel alive
  • Disconnect from the everyday stressors in life
  • Give yourself the time and space to unwind, relax and re-charge
  • Find clarity and connect to your spirit
  • Transform into the best version of yourself
  • Dance, flow and play…yes, flow state is the ticket to the present moment (the place where happiness exists)
  • Gift yourself a time-out and enjoy the sauna, pool, beach etc.
  • Explore a new culture and breathtaking nature
  • Shine brighter from the new connections and friendships with the like-minded, inspiring people you’ll meet
  • Have fun and be more untamed!
Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza May 2023
Holistic approach

to enhance the overall wellbeing and inspire tools for bringing the power of yoga into the flow of everyday life. The retreat aims to offer more than the ordinary. This is more than just a yoga retreat. Inspiring community, outside activities, hikes in nature, swimming in the sea, movement and rituals combined with free time for fun will create a wonderful experience for you. Touching all our senses and working with our energy and breath. Sometimes dynamic, sometimes gentle always adding more to feel empowered, inspired and alive. The techniques unlock greater power, joy and freedom. Ultimately to bring yoga off the mat, into the everyday life.

The Team

These forces of nuture are all inspiring power women who are experienced retreat leader and your guides and friends on this Ibiza Yoga Retreat in 2024.

Anke Graewer Shine-Yoga


Founder of Shine-Yoga Retreats, Retreat Lead, Yogateacher (850 RYT), #IamRemarkable Facilitator, her passion is to create deep connections and ignite the shine in people. Details about Anke


Founder of House of Shakti embodied Yoga School, Yogateacher (RYT 850), Ex Yoga director and co-owner of Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica,  initiated Tantrika, breathwork facilitator and embodiment coach whose passion is to remind others of their innate beauty, wisdom and power.

Yoga & Detox Retreat Ibiza

Bettina and Monica 

Founder of Ahimsa Plant Kitchen and Vegi Tales Ibiza - Nutritionist, Detox expert, whole food advocate and trained vegan chef creating her own unique, nourishing and tasty recipes

Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza May 2023

Anke is your host and lead teacher on this retreat. Together with Nancy and Matilda, she´ll take you on a 'feel good' Yoga journey. All the teachers are playful,  warm-hearted powerhouses whose mission is to ignite your radiance through transformative experiences. They will empower you with tools to feel relaxed, re-charged and uplifted. With that in mind the Yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions in this retreat are designed to build upon each other to take you on a journey that is proven to be effective and immensely beneficial to your body, mind and soul.

We combine many elements for a daily Yoga practice that weaves in creative Vinyasa Flow, Anusara and Hatha Tantra Yoga methods. Honouring the ancient science and translating its spiritual wisdom into an understandable, empowering practice. It´s the Yoga of Energy. With this holistic approach and coaching, Anke enables ‘off the mat’ transformation to help you thrive and live a more confident, healthy life.

The accessible classes integrate elements of challenging physical yoga, with mindful sequencing to safely move you beyond your perceived boundaries. This unique style is powerful yet gentle, focusing on the flow of the breath, Pranayama, Bandha activation and the feeling of completeness. This retreat is your chance to experience the benefits of a deeper Yoga practice, ignite your own inner power, re-charge with energy (Prana), increase your vitality, health & radiance while resetting your nervous system. All with a dash of magic.


You’ll feel relaxed, grounded and ‘at home’ in no time. The lovely rooms offer a welcome athmosphere in order to provide an idyllic accommodation experience. Get immersed in this home with never ending views over the horizon and feel like a wellness warrior in no time.  Relax and have the best rest after a wonderful day.

We offer different kinds of rooms in order to fit all your needs:

Suites, double rooms, twins, Cabanas and also a female share for four girls. Perfect for solo traveling females. All rooms have either a balcony or terrace.

Wellness for modern women in Ibiza summer 2023


“I just finished spending a truly amazing week with Anke and her team, as she also chooses us , and the Retreat was superb! The island of Ibiza rocks but her way of taking you through the journey is delicate! A strange mix of joy, happiness and relax mode invades you and permeates your soul all along, I will cherish this time. Thank you all, thanks again and best wishes. Namaste!!!”

Ianna Cortado, Madrid

´I’ve recently come back from my first shine yoga retreat and it beyond exceeded my expectations!! I’m not a yogi and was a little apprehensive about my level but Anke and Nancy were amazing at adapting the sessions for all experiences and helping wherever possible. Everything was at a really high standard, and the food was excellent! I’m already excited about booking my next retreat with them. Thanks again ladies, and for all your help and advice on life! Xx ´

Jo Rogers, London, Your Content Goes Here

“The Ibiza Retreat was better than I can ever describe with words. The whole experience was full of joy, love, power, peace and beauty – and it made everyone in the group blossom. Anke is such an inspirational teacher and a wonderful person. A true gift for body and soul. I can’t wait to go back.”

Monica Klepp-Bjerrum, Copenhagen
Reviews for best yoga retreats

It was a wonderful experience full of connection, magic and growth! I would go back immediately and can recommend it with my full heart! Anke is a great teacher and a wonderful soul! Lots of love 💕

Cosima , Munich, Germany
Ibiza Yoga and Detox Retreat 2023

If you would like to read more about other´s experiences on our yoga retreats, just click on Google and read plenty of real reviews.

The best reward is to get such a nice feedback and look into the faces of happy retreaters. Retreat for intermediate yoga Ibiza 2024

Yoga and Detox for women in Ibiza. Retreat summer 2023. 

May and June Retreat for women in Ibiza 2023. 

Join us!

This retreat is a special gathering, by application and invitation. We are gathering a wonderful group of like-minded people together. Send me your application if you want to be part of this experience.

Let´s go where the wild things are. Feel alive, nourished and full of energy.


This is the perfect retreat for you when you...

  • Want to deep dive into the yoga practice to shape shift and enjoy the full benefits. With dedicated time you learn to get the most out of yoga with the support of experienced teachers and inspiring women.
  • Want to enjoy the power of a supporting group, make new friends, feel the empowering high vibe in the room and challenge you outside your comfort zone (yes, that’s where the magic happens).
  • Crave to experience something new, feel alive, re-charge and have an amazing time.
  • Are ready for a transformation in your life and you need the supporting power of a mentor and group to help you move forward.
  • Want to level up; mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually and learn more about your emotions
  • Love wellness, relaxing in the sun by the pool, sitting in soulful selfcare in the sauna or other cozy corners our retreat villa
  • Want to connect to your spirit and feel inspired
  • Inhale the 'Spirit of Ibiza' to the fullest, let your hair down and be a little wilder
  • Enjoy the beauty of the island and incredible nourishing vegan meals
  • Love to dance and miss the feeling of moving freely  and have some fun

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