Shine Yoga Retreat Ericeira June 2021


May 2021


 Soulful Self-care +

Yoga retreat by the ocean.

~ Live your shine and connect to your true nature


Together we tap into the DIVINE CODE of nature with yoga, meditation, inspiring workshops, outdoor activities and soulful self-care. 


Shine Yoga Ericeira holiday June 2020



Mindful Yoga, soulful self-care and culture in the heart of Ericeira.

May 2021

7 days / 6 nights

Your Shine Yoga Retreat includes:

  • 2 x Daily morning Yoga, Detox Flow & afternoon/evening Yin or Gentle Flow Yoga (Anusara and Tantric inspired Vinyasa Yoga) or meditation + Pranayama (Breathwork) 
  • 2 classes will be in a workshop style. 1 x “Asana Lab ~ to learn all important Asana’s and their physical & energetic benefit”. 1 x “Create the love ~ Exploring the Anatomy of emotions workshop” Time for self-reflection and increasing vitality.  
  • Stunning secret beaches and special energy places. Hiking and exploring the wild beautiful coast for e.g. breathtaking Praia do Ursa
  • Day trip to Sintra’s castles or the Portguese surfers paradise, village of Ericeira with a perfect mix between tradition and surf culture. 
  • One afternoon is “Yoga free” to explore more of the surroundings 
  • Anke and team as dedicated international teachers/mentor/ friend who will be there with you, during the whole retreat. 
  • 6 nights in gorgeous rooms / shared double / twin occupancy. Located in the heart of Ericeira, is our boutique hotel with a linked Yoga and Wellness center
  • 6 x breakfast, 4 x vegetarian dinner 



  • Surf lessons
  • Spa treatments, Massages
  • Group activities 


Shine Yoga Ericeira June 2020



Central Portugal, in Ericeira

Ocean front with the best view for sunset.

Only 45 km from Lisbon international airport!




A top location! Our retreat house is a cute boutique hotel with all amenities and cozy urban zen style.  Two dedicated areas to practice Yoga to enjoy this sacred practice under any conditions. The house and the Yogastudio are right in front of the ocean. 



Feel connected, free and relaxed


This retreat offers you an utterly amazing experience that you won´t forget.

Just imagine; spending 7 days close to stunning beaches, living in a very nice house incl. Yoga studio, practicing Yoga daily whilst breathing in every sunset, dropping into your body and increase your well-being, sitting quiet in the moment in meditation, gaining clarity. When ever you want, exploring stunning landscape, hiking along the coastline and inhaling the wild air, visiting a fairyland in Sintra’s castles, exploring  Portuguese culture or having fun in Ericeira or Lisbon and surf and so much more.

  • Give yourself the time and space to unwind, relax and re-charge.
  • Feel fit, vibrant and happy
  • Explore a new culture and breathtaking nature
  • Allow yourself to go on an adventure
  • Disconnect from the everyday stressors in life
  • Become still and listen to the voices within.
  • Transform into the most alive and passion filled version of yourself
  • Surf, flow and play
  • Shine brighter from the new connections and friendships with the like-minded, inspiring people you’ll meet
    All this whilst immersing yourself in an exquisite yoga and meditation practice


Shine Yoga Retreat Ericeira summer 2020




Located in the heart of Ericeira, is our boutique hotel with a linked Yoga and Wellness studio.

You’ll feel relaxed, grounded and ‘at home’ in no time. The lovely rooms are decorated and designed carefully with special attention to details in order to offer an idyllic accommodation experience. Get immersed in Portuguese home, relax and have the best rest after a wonderful day.

The rooms are twin style and two girls share one room 


Shine Yoga Retreat Ericeira summer 2020


TIME SCHEDULE (example):

Saturday, May 30th arrival day.

  • Retreat starts at 4 pm / Check-in
  • Welcome / Get together & opening ceremony
  • 5.00 pm: Afternoon Yoga Session / Grounding & heart opening
  • 7.30/8.00 pm: Group dinner

Sunday: (daily example / subject to change)

  • 8.30 am Morning energizing Yoga session
  • 10.00-10.30 am breakfast 
  • Free time ~ beach, hiking, biking, surfing, relaxing in the villa, lot´s of options like day trips to Sintra (stunning castles and culture), Ericeira (world surf capital of Portugal) Playa Grande (gorgeous sunsets), Cabo de Roca (stunning cliffs and hikes) or simply sit in wellness, relax and enjoy the ocean view
  • 5.00/5.30 pm: Afternoon/ Restorative Yoga / Meditation or workshop (2x workshops during the retreat)
  • 7.30/8.00 pm: Group dinner

Friday, June 05th, departure day, Check out: 11 am

  • 8.00 am Morning Detox Flow Yoga
  • 10.00 am breakfast brunch buffet


Would you like to know what others say? 

Check out the reviews about our last retreat and have a look at the pictures to get a feeling.


“The Retreat was better than I can ever describe with words. The whole experience was full of joy, love, power, peace and beauty – and it made everyone in the group blossom. Anke is such an inspirational teacher and a wonderful person. A true gift for body and soul. I can’t wait to go back.”

Monica Klepp Bjerrum, May 2019



NOURISH your body and soul:

A balanced diet full of nutrients is crucial for a retreat and when you practice a lot of Yoga. We love nourishing meals and know that the food is the fuel, that moves your body. 


Shine Yoga and hiking in Portugal 2020



Location and surroundings:

Portugal has a special grounded and down-to-earth energy. I am in love with the wild and nearly untouched country… particularly in June with its usually warm temperatures that add extra magic to the retreat.  I have spent a lot of time here and know the area very well. Summer is the nicest time for a yoga retreat in Portugal 2020. This is why I have chosen to host this nourishing retreat here, in this perfect location in Ericeira.




Sintra is a small and very picturesque town full of castles and the vibe of another century and it is located in the hills surrounded by the most beautiful nature. You will feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale surrounded by colorful castles, amazing buildings and endless gardens. Unesco World Heritage since 1995.

What can I say of Lisbon, one of our favorite cities with so much charm and hidden gems in every corner, a place that invites you to walk and get lost into their streets, with countless viewpoints and places where you can breathe and feel the true life of Lisbon.


AND NOW. You wonder how you can be part of it?

Send me an e-mail for further details & prices. Rooms are limited and all individual. First come first served.


Let’s go where the wild things are, relax, connect and shine… 




P.S: If you are still wondering if this retreat is for you.

Who is this retreat for?

  • For those who understand the importance of self-love, but need a little structure and guidance to make this habitual.
  • Real people: people who love yoga, a healthy, active lifestyle, nature, wild beaches and also love relaxing in the sun and be lazy by the pool or chill in our wellness area
  • Those who want to level up; mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually
  • Those who want to connect to their own divine self and take time to reflect about our one and only precious life. Those who are curious to explore more about our mind and body connection and how this is holding us back to thrive fully and shine from within.
  • Those who need some time-out, more time in nature and a shift out of their head and back into their body.
  • Those ready to invest in their well-being and want to learn more about how use the mind / body connection, asana´s and overall explore more in their personal practice than in their usual 90 min class in the local studio or in front of Youtube.
  • Those who are ready to ignite, to make a shift, or jumpstart their energy/attitude.
  • Those who are looking for inspiration, new friends, a great supporting community.
  • Those who need a detox (digital – physical – mental) Life is just sometimes too overwhelming and we need to rest and just be to recharge our batteries.
  • Those who want to simply relax, spoil themselves in this gorgeous Portuguese house in a perfect location, treat themselves with amazing food, the luxury of being taken care of, adventures in nature, culture Sintra or Yoga and fun in Ericeira… and so much more.