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my name is Anke, I am the founder and driving force behind Shine Yoga. SHINE yoga is my passion project, inspired by years of travelling, the love of Yoga, health, wellness, nature and community and continious curiousity towards life.


I am a passionate Yogi, healthy food lover who is living in an international, inspiring environment – preferably by the ocean. I value things such as a conscious lifestyle, integrity, community, learning & growing. Asking the deeper questions in life and striking a balance in different areas. I am a curious mind exploring the world, living mindfully and keeping it real. With a hungry heart for travel and exploration and a passion to share my wellness approaches and philosophies.


Are you looking for more than just the ordinary yoga? Better movements, more connection and energy, fulfillment and joy? Wanting to know the WHY behind it.

Then, we should connect.



// Personal Yoga approach and vision

With over 14 years of Yoga practice, I am intuitive, authentic and my approach is passionate, knowledgeable and encouraging. The Yoga practice mindful and we add more meaning to it. Always energetic and light yet deep, with intelligent sequencing. We take the time to feel into every pose and sensation to experience the full healing benefit. Together we strengthen & tone your body, open your heart and inspire your mind. According to the theme of the class it can be a fiery Vinyasa Flow for strength and motivation or a sweet slow calming practice. The Yoga classes I offer are a blend of creative, mindful and loving sequences that are both playfully challenging and spiritually uplifting.


The ancient Yoga tradition says we should strive to practice yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner. The two qualities of sthira and sukha are essential to a yoga practice. Sthira translates as strong, steady, and stable. Sukha means comfortable, happy, and relaxed. These complimentary poles (Yin & Yang) teach us the wisdom of balance. I believe it´s important to allow yourself to surrender and become soft.


Leading a healthy lifestyle across mind, body and spirit. SHINE Yoga is more than yoga. It´s a healthy, positive mindset. A lifestyle. Combining different techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Mantra or Pranayama / Breathwork to elevate our well-being. This techniques are supporting you in living a healthy, free and authentic lifestyle.

My intention is to serve and elevate my own and others well-being. I am taking action on my vision.




Anke Shine Yoga_Shine Yoga retreat Ibiza


When I started with Yoga

I had now idea how my life would change



For me yoga is the most amazing way to explore the mind, body and spirit and create balance with it, to experience clarity. It´s a beautiful practice that strengthens our body and opens our mind to all the possibilities that lie within you. It´s all connected and once we experience and understand the effect that our mind has on our body and vice versa, life feels so much better. When we are so content and connected to our truth, that´s when we start to SHINE. (That´s why I call it Shine Yoga)


Having practiced yoga for a long time, I am amazed by the wonders that yoga has brought to my life and that’s also what it can do for you. An acceptance of life´s immense unpredictablitiy has shaped my soul, into feeling:


  • compassionate
  • strong
  • connected
  • confident
  • grounded + relaxed
  • softer + flexible
  • tolerant + liberated
  • loving + joyful


Even though everything in life changes, my practice is my constant anchor. Same routine and rituals, no matter where I am in this world. Yoga has given me a stronger voice, opened my heart, given me patience and compassion. It´s given me confidence, allowed me to grow through my discomforts and helped me overcome some of my deepest fears.


Yoga and creating connection within the community makes me happy. I am a dedicated student and committed, on a journey to uplift and serve with a head full of ideas. Teaching yoga for me is about sharing and helping you to feel great and create a positive change in your life. Having lived in different cultures taught me various techniques to enhance my quality of life. The decision is so clear for me, I want to create change and choose Yoga as one tool to create personal and interpersonal change.


The best way to teach and share knowledge is after you have experienced and felt it on your own. That´s why I am forever grateful for all experiences I had in my life. During the past years I have been learning and mentoring under brilliant people, great teachers and lived outside of the western world for years. Living between Costa Rica, Bali, Germany, Portugal and Sri Lanka allowed me to study and really live the philosophie of yoga and to immerse into other techniques like Yoga Therapy, Meditation or Anatomy. I believe that we need to create a healthy and balanced life with great food, exercise, fresh clean air and nature, inspiration and love. Connection to spirit and play to live authentic and happy.


I truly have something to offer and I feel authentic in my sharing of what I’ve learned. Yoga is a never-ending learning experience. That makes it so delicious to keep on learning and exploring more of what this ancient tradition has to offer. I am still growing, changing. That will always be a constant. I have cultivated so much appreciation for this wonderful wild thing that we call life. And my heart has never felt so calm & joyful.

That´s what I would like to share with you! Let´s connect and share some good vibes.



With love