Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza

When we shine in Ibiza! Yoga and Detox Retreat

This Yoga and Detox Retreat in Ibiza was beyond words. Such a great vibe, when we shine …

The essence of Shine Yoga retreats is, to connect like hearted people to elevate our wellbeing together. We gathered an amazing group, of women together and did excatly that.

Coming from all around the world, from Toronto, London, Barcelona, Boston, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Reykjavik and Costa Rica, to share good times together and make new friends in Ibiza.

These are just a few, of many memory making moments.

Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza with Anke Graewer
Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza with Anke Graewer

We found this magical secret cave for our Ibiza retreat and gathered for a sunset dance session. Yoga and dancing is such a great combination! It engages every part of your body, mind & spirit, as the inspirational music leads us.

Shine Yoga Retreat Sundance

We danced, we connected, we felt the magic. Dancing & music is medicine. Our friends, from Sunrise Dance Ibiza, guided the group through a 5 Element dance. Watching a spectacular sunset while we were dancing was just unreal.

Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza

What else? We moved and practiced Yoga 2x daily. During our retreat, we aimed to set the tone for an energetic and exciting day.

Either a rooftop yoga session or yoga flow by the pool! It felt so good to inhale fresh air and get a little sunkissed while we were flowing through a yoga session. We were moving and steering up more and more energy. It was great to see how the group, was feeling more vibrantly every day.

Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza

We took the time to adjust and feel deeper into poses to experience all benefits.

Shine Yoga retreat_Anke adjusting in class

Life is meant to be lived in celebration. Coming together in a woman circle was really powerful. We inspired, supported and lifted each other up. Empowering workshops and team work is even more powerful, when you take the time and you allow yourself go deeper, to reveal what´s hiding somewhere deep inside.

Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza

Healthy and delicious food is key for well-being.  That´s why we took extra care and prepared everything with love and fresh ingredience. Fusing the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation, adding a little extra and always specials like superfoods.

Knowing that happiness starts in the body. Whether it´s in form of food, yoga or experiences, the choice of what we use to fuel ourselves with is affecting who we are. That´s why we provide so much, so every participant can choose and increase their own prana (our life force).

Shine Yoga + Detox retreat Ibiza; healthy food; retreat

Everyday is a good food day, filled with a colorful and yummy meals. Our food is consciously prepared, juices are full of nutritients and in combination with sunlight & the ocean the vibrancy of every individual is so much higher.

shine yoga and detox retrat + healthy food

Walking Ibiza & connecting with nature. While on retreat we are spending a lot of time outside in nature and exploring different beaches or finding places in the countryside, where lemon trees grow in poppy seed fields. We go there were the wild and pretty things are. We bring the green detox juice with us and play in the sand. One day with a clay healing mask + cleansing ceremony and the other day with a Massage Workshop on the beach.

Shine Yoga Retreat + walking Ibiza

The energy of the group was simply incredible. Each and everyone had something to offer, share and contribute to the whole retreat experience. Seeing the transformation and energy shift, that happened during this week together, is amazing.

Stressed out strangers met and left as new friends, feeling energized and relaxed.
Looking forward to creating and reconnecting again next year in Ibiza.

Rise up and shine

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