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My Yoga journey began when I was in university. I needed something that would help me to cope with stress and keep me sane in the hustle and bustle of every day life. More important I needed something that would answer me a few questions that couldn´t be answered in uni. After I have been practicing Yoga for 11 years I´ve attended my Yoga Teacher Training with Reflections Yoga / New York. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and accredited with the American Yoga Alliance and I also hold a Yin Yoga Certificate from Yoga Therapy Mallorca. Furthermore have I studied the Magic of Reiki with Catherine Wheeler in Bali and I am also a certified Reiki practitioner. In 2017 I  studied the `Total Transformation Teacher Training´ with focus on the Anatomy of the Core (Core Strenght Vinyasa Yoga) with Sadie Nardini.  2018 is a big year to study and practice more with outstanding senior teachers. This spring I have completed the Seat of the Teacher advanced training with Susanne Faith  and in July I am going participating in the ParaYoga Mastertraining with Yogarupa Rod Stryker in Bali.


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In my teaching I incorporate many of the valuable and inspiring elements that I´ve learned from my amazing teachers like Lance Schuler, Katchie Ananda, Phil LempkeMirjam Wagner, Paula Tursi, Susanna Huebner, Nancy Goodfellow and Susanne Faith. A long the journey I got inspired by more great Yogi´s like Bryan KestMeghan Currie, Octavio Salvado and Simon Borg Oliver, to name a few.


In the past years I was lucky enough to attend further retreats, workshops and conferences and teach Yoga and Meditation in great places like the Bali Silent Retreat or H2O Yoga and Meditation Center or 802 Studio.


I believe the best way to teach and share knowledge is after you have experienced and felt it on your own. That´s why I am forever grateful for all experiences I had in my life. I truly have something to offer and I feel authentic in my sharing of what I’ve learned. Yoga is a never-ending learning experience. That makes it so delicious to keep on learning and exploring more of what this ancient tradition has to offer.