surfing and yoga

What you´ll learn from yoga and surfing

What you learn from yoga and surfing about the balance of flow and focus, dedication and commitment will change your life.

Yoga is going to change your surfing. In so many ways. Whether it´s through flexibility, strength, better breathing, focus or simply learning how to be fully present in the moment to enjoy the fun in the water. More flexibility and better body awareness can significantly improve your surfing or life in general.

yoga and surfing

I am seeing yoga and surfing as a similar and special way to move the body and calm the mind. Yoga awakens sensations of your body, making it so blissful and teaches you how to focus and how to practice action with INTEGRITY – that integrity that we need while surfing, dancing or all kinda actions in life!

It´s all about choices. You won’t catch a wave by staring at it. This is obvious when in the water but it is a bit more obscure when translated to other aspects of life. What´s holding us back is usually fear based. Yoga and surfing teaches us to get out of your head and into your body, passion and energy.

When you´ve got the right mindset, you choose to see every new set with excitement and don´t let the fear of a past wipeout overcome the new opportunity, when you are positioned well and put in the appropriate effort, then (and only then) will you catch the momentum and be able to ride the wave. The same is true in “catching” other opportunities we hope to “ride” in life. It could be a job, or a relationship, or a moment in time…This means paddling, usually a lot of paddling. If you are not completely lined up at the right spot, the wave will either pass underneath you or will come crashing down on top of you.

Yoga und Surfen

But, if your effort is aligned with the force coming at you, if you practice with integrity, you’ll be able to stand up and ride alongside whatever may come.

It´s your choice to go for it, to commit fully to one wave once you´ve made the choice to catch it and also to flow and surrender into the wipeout. The ebbs and flows of moving through life and the constant flux of the ocean are great teachers, always reminders to let go, flow, be flexible and to choose the new opportunity -not prejudice.


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