Why Yoga Retreat in Ibiza May 2019

What to expect from a Shine Yoga Retreat?

Connection, Nourishment, Relaxation & Inspiration.

Shine Yoga Retreats aim to provide more than the average. We raise the standard and create retreats for the yoga lover, the conscious traveler, who wants to go on an inner and outer adventure and those who are longing for connection and relaxation. We create community and a safe environment for self-enquiry, reflection time and modern spirituality.


Whilst at the yoga retreat you will practice, Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork (Pranayama) daily, whilst connecting to the higher energies within you to bring out your higher self, your vibrant being. You will elevate your well-being and feel like a Zen ninja in no time.


Shine yoga retreat Ibiza May 2019_Anke Graewer Yoga


The yoga classes allow your body to gain strength and flexiblity, but most of all inner peace. They aim to touch your heart. During the retreat, you will begin to feel how your body progessivley changes, through posture, body suppleness and muscle tone.



The workshops aim to be inspiring and supportive, taking the time to explore Yoga Asanas, and the connection between Asanas and your energy. You´ll learn new tools on how yoga can increase your life and well-being that is accessible for all levels, no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced. Furthermore they illuminate your spiritual being with divine feminine practices that are not part of your daily day life.


Shine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza setting um the Ritual space


During your week away in Ibiza, Portugal or Sri Lanka paradise, you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded others, empowering each other on your retreat journey. The retreat opens up your choices to expand and leave your comfort zones behind with activities such as: Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, hiking along the coastline, connecting to wonderful new friends, dancing like no one is watching in a secret cave or elsewhere and experiencing all the luxuries a retreat provides. With therapists visiting the villa, meaning no need to leave your own space, we aim to create a personalized experience to allow you to fully submerge yourself and gain great inner peace and comfort.


Shine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza, magic cave


Our aim by the end of the retreat is to leave feeling energized, lighter, alive, nourished, stronger and more radiant. This retreat provides a healthy, relaxing, transformative, inspiring and of course, fun Yoga holiday experience – one that could possibly change your life for the better…


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Rise up & Shine!


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