The Magic of Ibiza, the magic of Yoga and Two Girls with a Vision…

Why we create these transformative Yoga retreats in Ibiza

We strongly believe in bringing women together from all over the world – to empower each other as sisters on a mission to create positive change. Highlighting our own physical and mental well-being and real life connections.

Our vision is to create outstanding holistic yoga retreats in high vibrational locations. We aim to offer more. We aim to increase the female energy, to allow us to be more authentic and real, using the practices and philosophies of Yoga in combination with our own transformative life experience and the support of other talented facilitators. It is proven that one of the best ways to gain clarity and insights into our own habits and tendencies is to take yourself out of the ordinary day-to-day routine.


Shine Yoga Retreat Ibiza May 2019_Anke Graewer Yoga


Why mindful yoga and high vibing retreats in Ibiza?

Because there is something about this island and everything it has to offer. That’s why we go back. It is a special place to collectively shift our perspective and receive great new revelations, inspirations, and renewed creative juice. Supported with other like-minded people, we will increase our energy together and provide lasting positive change for you. We believe in the supporting power of sisterhood, close female friends and a supportive network are so important. Not only for success more also for physical, mental and emotional well-being. It’s beautiful to witness the great vibe and supporting sisterhood on retreats, we get real about what scares us, what moves us, and how to navigate everything in between. You might come as strangers but most likely leave as friends.


Anke Graewer Yoga_Shine Yoga Retreat Ibiza


It’s so much more beneficial to consistently practice yoga in a yoga retreat, to allow yourself the time and space to fully immerse yourself into the practice and allow empowering shifts to happen. The practice is an inside job and while on retreat we give the time and space to explore what your authentic true self needs and integrate traditional and modern spirituality – plus we have a lot of fun and enjoy the time together.

Why this retreat is transformative and a holistic spiritual experience?

It’s great mix, a Yoga, Detox and Dance retreat. We create the perfect environment, to ignite your shine. That means to connect to your own joyful and true self in a luxurious retreat center in combination with delicious and nourishing food and inspiring Yoga or spiritual practices or dancing and cacao ceremonies. In Yoga we adapt sequences and theme classes so they build up on each other and add great quality. We planned the itinerary so well that it’s a perfect mixed between activities and relaxation, input and quiet me-time. We know the island well, know what’s on and where the best spots are. We collaborate with other specialized facilitators and suppliers to offer the best quality while maintaining a chill and relaxed vibe.

We practice Vinyasa Flow, Trantic Hatha and Restorative Yoga – incorporating Pranayama, Bandhas and Mantras. Our approach is holistic, uplifting and designed to tug on your heart strings. Nancy and I both invested years of our lives to live and study with world renowned teachers in spiritually rich countries like Costa Rica, Bali and India.

Some days we roll our mats out under the sunshine by the pool or up on the rooftop deck. We offer stimulating detox Yoga practices in the mornings, and restorative Yin sessions on the afternoons. On cooler days we move into the yoga deck by the lotus pond and Ganesha statues, and some evenings we get super chilled out by the fireplace inside the living space to engage in deep conversation of feminine wisdom and shared experiences.  Two afternoons are also dedicated two workshops that empower us and guide us into places of ease and joy and creativity. In these workshops we explore the Anatomy of our emotions (my favorite research topic), our divine feminine energies (Nancy’s specialty) or fine tune Yoga Asana, so you’ll learn to practice Yoga more safely with better quality.


Shine Yoga and Detox retreat Ibiza April 2019_Anke Graewer Yoga


Plus we go on little adventures around the island, explore markets, cute boutiques and design shops in Ibiza town. This year we will even go exploring the nearby island of Formentera on a spectacular day trip on a boat to this sublime paradise getaway.

With a scheduled timetable all needs catered for you will really never want to leave!

Our aim by the end of the retreat is to leave feeling energized, lighter, alive, nourished, stronger and more radiant. This retreat provides a healthy, relaxing, transformative, inspiring and of course, fun Yoga experience


Nancy Goodfellow Yoga Anke Graewer Shine Yoga Ibiza


Empowering teacher team

When Nancy and I met in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, in 2015, we immediately felt a strong connection of common interests and passions. Both of us believe in following one’s passions and pleasures, being dedicated in the practice of Yoga, philosophy studies, that’s been leading us to our soul’s highest purpose and life path. It took us years of our own personal and spiritual growth, studying and living different lifestyles and practices till we were able to truly listen to our own hearts and follow our intuitions to share the knowledge with others.

Nancy is the lead teacher at Luminous Heart Teacher Trainings and director yoga at Pranamar Yoga. I manage Shine-Yoga and lead yoga retreats and workshops in Bali, Sri Lanka, Ibiza and Portugal. We were being called to join forces and bring a sense of empowerment and joy to other women around the world. We knew that we wanted to raise the standard and offer truly transformative experiences on our retreats. Other people often say that we complement each other like yin & yang – two forces, that interact as dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. We have a hunger to connect to different people and cultures. We both love spending time with our group and we believe it is the most effective way to build friendship and trust in an atmosphere that is inclusive and playful and authentic.

Our unique combination of similar mindsets and easy-going, authentic personalities combine nicely with our different cultural upbringings and methods for transmitting yoga wisdom in a relevant and modern way. Nancy and I are committed, on a journey to inspire, uplift and serve with a head full of great stories. We have both faced challenging situations in our personal life that required courage and faith, while we at the same time experienced unbelievable changes, which wouldn’t have been possible without yoga and meditation or these natural uplifting environments. We share from real life experiences. What good is learned and integrated wisdom if it isn’t shared and passed on to others?

Read more about Nancy’s story or mine here

Quality of a location and supporting environment

Ibiza, hold a special energy, it had always attracted inspiring people from all over the world. We decided Ibiza is where we want to create a weeklong retreat that would give our students the opportunity to feel the magic, experience the healing powers and spiritual qualities while strengthening their bodies and calming their minds. All of this, while being immersed in a powerful and deeply transformative atmosphere of women seeking to connect to their true selves, to make positive changes in their life under the guidance of highly experienced yoga teachers that are holding space for your well-being and transformations.

What others say after the Yoga, Detox and Dance retreat last year.

Anke Graewer Yoga_Shine Yoga Retreats Feedback

Ibiza, a special, small Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. Spring is stunningly beautiful with blossoming flowers and the scent of orange flowers everywhere. Much of the images of Ibiza are world famous music and dance events, design and artists. Yet we have discovered that this picturesque island surrounded by crystal clear seas and blue skies has more hidden magic …you just have to know where and how to find it.

We began our search for a villa that would offer us all the comfort and elegance particular to the island, but also private and with enough space for everyone to move around freely. We discovered the beautiful Prana-Ibiza Retreat Center, which was built around a luxurious villa with a blend of Mediterranean and Danish design, on the quieter side of the island within walking distance to the beach.


Shine Yoga and Detox retreat Ibiza April 2019_Anke Graewer Yoga


Do we need more nourishment? Yes!

Following the path of healthy eating and living, we believe that taking care of our bodies is essential for happiness and mental health. We have searched out the best private chef to prepare nutritious & creative meals with an emphasis on detoxing and cleansing in a way that is very enjoyable and fun! A few nights a week we head out together for an evening in town at some of the best restaurants in Ibiza. Think places like Bambuddha, Atzaro or La Paloma.

With therapists (Massage/bodywork) visiting the villa, meaning no need to leave your own space, we aim to create a personalized experience to allow you to fully submerge yourself and gain great inner peace and comfort.

We’d love to see you and share this experience with you.

Much love 

Nancy & Anke

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