The Story of Shine Yoga and Anke


It´s funny to write my own story. Just not sure where to start. It´s a nice story though. Maybe here.


I studied Media economics and intercultural communication in Cologne, Germany and Sydney, Australia. I have always loved traveling and exploring the world and life, while at the same time making meaningful connections. For years I was pursuing a career in media and fashion, worked for global brands while practicing Yoga to balance stress and meditation to change the perspective. I was blinded by the hype of this great position, agency meetings, award celebrations, creative & and innovative projects. But… It made me sick. It didn´t fullfill me.


Big chains are ruling the market and they didn´t share the same values of a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. I started to care more about the people who made the clothes rather than the ones buying them. I care more for purpose than profit. I honestly cared and wasn´t happy with just being a keyboard activist. I like to ask deeper questions and challenge the status quo. The urge to make a difference and putting my power into something more meaningful, became stronger and stronger. Then in 2012, that´s when that big shift happened, I had a profound experience with my teacher in Thailand, Yoga turned my life around and since then I dedicated a big part of my life to Yoga. I started to study, practice yoga and self-development every day. Started teaching, sharing and creating experiences which would uplift & inspire others.



Yoga acknowledges the desire of looking deeper into ourselves.  It gives us tools to dive into the depth of our consciousness.



Story Shine Yoga and Anke



I left the corporate world, ignored the fear in my mind and went with the feeling in my gut. Booked a one way ticket to Costa Rica and went where the wild and free things are. Stayed and became one of them. I fully immersed myself into Yoga, surfing and the outdoors. Along my way, I found my tribe and many great teachers. Some of the best in the world. Inspiring, courageous humans – that soon became good friends.


It´s not too often in life that you meet people who challenge you to grow, to make decisions that build character, to lead with your heart wide open, to tune into your intuition and to have faith in and trust the process. I was right where I was  meant to be. And did not leave for 5 months and then continued on this journey for another 5 months to Bali.  Everything I wanted was there. I was so happy,  Radiantly shining; and full of energy. Totally connected to my source. The confirmation of my friends and coaches encouraged me to turn my life  towards a more meaningful direction. To live that shine. That´s why I have created Shine-Yoga  – mindful Yoga and high vibe retreats.


It was a smooth journey. Not a revolution rather an evolution. Everything  that evolves deeply takes time. I discovered and slowly peeled off the limited belief systems, social rules, conditioning and structures that I had been taught for years at School, university and higher education. Higher education in the western world isn’t necessarily essential for a happy life. Don´t get me wrong, I am blessed and deeply grateful to have that education, to understand both sides (the western world and ancient traditions, spiritual practices, eastern philosophies) and  now know how to combine the best of these worlds, to change my perspective and enhance my and others quality of life in the best way.



Anke Shine Yoga Story




Through all of this, I was able to cultivate a strong connection to my intuition (that genuine, powerful, but quiet voice, deep inside of you). This journey really gave me the time and space to really figure out what I am meant to do. I was able to get really clear on my WHAT, HOW & WHY – and right now it feels so good. Plus I cultivated the courage to put my dreams into a vision and this vision into action.


The decision is so clear for me, I want to create positive change and choose Yoga and mindful experiences as one tool to inspire to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life – living authentic to your own truth. Sharing what I know. Sharing who I am. My intention is to serve and elevate others wellbeing. I feel it is important to trade a greater currency of energy than money and aspire to feel belonging and joy in this one human experience that we all have. I believe that we need to connect with spirit and play. Yoga and mindfulness practices have increased my quality of life, along with nourishing food, exercise, fresh clean air, nature, inspiration and love.


Combining all of the above and to share valuable knowledge in workshops and retreats. The feedback that I receive, is the best reward and it is encouraging me that sharing yoga, creating experiences and connecting people is what I am thriving for. Plus this is what the world needs. More connection, well-being and community.




As I write this, I am sitting in Bali, reflecting on many of the great teachings that my dear teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker shared with us, in a Master Yoga Training last week. I am still growing, learning every day, changing. That will always be a constant. There is not a day where I am not learning or studying. I find it fascinating how much knowledge is out there. My bookshelf, podcast and kindle are full and I am committed to a daily yoga practice and quality and 1:1 time with my teachers. I live a nomadic life now since 2015 and have been spending most of the time in Bali, Portugal, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Germany. This journey has been a revelation in my life and I am so extremely grateful to now be surrounded by so many conscious, solid, inspiring humans.


Curiosity challenges me, and an acceptance of life´s immense unpredictability has shaped my soul.  It´s impossible to put in words what I have learned in over the past few years, immersing myself deep into the ancient teachings of Yoga, having so much time to experience and embody all of that while living in different cultures. I allowed life to change me into the woman that I am. My heart has never felt so calm & joyful. All these good things are integrated in my teachings that I share with a lot of pleasure.


I fill my life with inner and outer adventures and maybe we will meet somewhere along this journey to elevate each others well-being.

Grateful for these opportunities in life and would love to share it with you!



With love,