Benefits of a Shine Yoga Retreat?

Connection, Nourishment, Relaxation & Inspiration. Shine Yoga Retreats aim to provide more than the average. We raise the standard and create retreats for the yoga lover, the conscious traveler, who wants to go on an inner and outer adventure and those who are longing for connection and relaxation. We choose […]

The Magic of Ibiza, the magic of Yoga and Two Girls with a Vision…

Why we create these transformative Yoga retreats in Ibiza We strongly believe in bringing women together from all over the world – to empower each other as sisters on a mission to create positive change. Highlighting our own physical and mental well-being and real life connections. Our vision is to […]

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For Purposes, Passion and Connection.

  How to prioritize your life and make time for what really matters? That’s the title of a motivation talk I’d like to share. Well, that question can only be answered if you have goals with soul. I am a strong believer in the power of connection and community. I […]

Anke Graewer Shine Yoga Core exercise for beginners

More Core, More Energy

Specially at this time of the year when we need our centering. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Core strengths Yoga is so crucial. It’s the area of our body that is housing our life. All our organs, our vitality. It’s important for controlling and harnessing energy through the center of our body. Our […]

Anke Graewer Shine Yoga

Yummy Yoga + Brunch in Bali

Nourish your body and soul. This is a collaboration for the community with Holiday Canggu   Yoga Nourishing food Community Charity   Join us for a nourishing start into your day with a Yoga session followed by a yummy brunch and the opportunity to give back to charity:   SCHEDULE:   […]

Ceremony on Shine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

Celebrating Rituals

Celebrating rituals and ceremonies is connecting us with nature and the seasons. Like summer solstice. The longest and brightest day of the year. A special day for celebrating rituals around the world. A celebration of light and an invitation to pause, make time for self-reflection. Show gratitude for nature. With […]

Shine Yoga + Detox Retreat Ibiza

When we shine in Ibiza! Yoga and Detox Retreat

This Yoga and Detox Retreat in Ibiza was beyond words. Such a great vibe, when we shine … The essence of Shine Yoga retreats is, to connect like hearted people to elevate our wellbeing together. We gathered an amazing group, of women together and did excatly that.   Coming from all […]

Shine Yoga and surf retreat Sri Lanka

Shine Yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka

Surrounded by lush tropical scenery, gorgeous beaches.   Yoga and surfing, is the most amazing combination. Both activities are all about being in the moment. With yoga + surfing you liberate your mind and do wonders for the body. That feeling of being exhausted well stretched with a big, soft, […]

surfing and yoga

What you´ll learn from yoga and surfing

What you learn from yoga and surfing about the balance of flow and focus, dedication and commitment will change your life.   Yoga is going to change your surfing. In so many ways. Whether it´s through flexibility, strength, better breathing, focus or simply learning how to be fully present in […]

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Your body is a perfectly good compass

Your body is a perfectly good compass for your life. Your heart will tell you when to go forward and your stomach when to back down. You might magnetize north or south, to or away from a person or a place. Follow it. Every tingle of passion is a gust […]