Shine Yoga and surf retreat Sri Lanka

Shine Yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka

Surrounded by lush tropical scenery, gorgeous beaches.


Yoga and surfing, is the most amazing combination. Both activities are all about being in the moment. With yoga + surfing you liberate your mind and do wonders for the body. That feeling of being exhausted well stretched with a big, soft, natural happy smile on your face. Yes, that´s what I thrive for – that when I shine.


Yoga and Surf Retreat Sri Lanka November 2019
Yoga Surf and Cultural Adventure Retreat Shine Yoga


Connecting with yourself and nature. The ocean. Add good friends, love, high vibes, play and a tropical paradise and I am in heaven. Nothing better than that. I thrive for connection with the inner and outer world. Sri Lanka was a perfect playground for that. After a long winter in Europe, my body was craving for tropical heat and my soul was craving for a new adventure.


The past weeks were full of life, nourishing for my soul and heart, inspiring for my mind. Big smiles and bursting out my heart chakra together with like-minded friends, yogi´s and change makers. I was living in a beautiful house in the jungle and close to the Indian ocean and it´s lush beaches. When you are in such a supportive environment, surrounded by wonderful people who want you to be the best version of yourself it is the place where you want to be, when you make progress.


Yoga and Surf Retreat Sri Lanka November 2019
Shine Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is intense and relaxed at the same time. It took me some time to adjust before I fell in love. This exotic country is one of the few countries with a very vast and rich cultural diversity. Buddhists live next to Hindus, Moslems and Christians. The culture is itself very unique and thereby contributes to the country’s identity. It’s crazy, not even 10 years ago, they still had a civil war. 1 month wasn’t enough to explore and understand all that beauty the country has to offer.


I love those people you can be silly with and have so much fun. Deep belly laughs and then you have a deep conversation, honestly from the bottom of your heart, and it´s not weird at all. We speak the same language, use same gestures and rituals – even when we are from different countries – we vibe on the same frequency. We would have a daily routine like waking up with the monkeys around sunrise. Either sunrise meditation while listening to the waves or the sounds of the jungle, surfing or Yoga. Together with Lisa and Naza, Eva from Sri Yoga Shala or the friends from The Verse Collective or Exhale Yoga Retreats, Rachel and Jules, we would practice yoga together, nourish our body and souls with food either for the body or thought (lot´s of banana chocolate roti´s for sure), inspire and encourage each other. Learn together, deepen our practice and grow.


Shine yoga and surf retreat in sri lanka


Our jungle yoga home was a beautiful colonial-style house with a generous veranda, surrounded by banana and palm trees. Great common area to socialize, work and play with our dogs. (Yeah, we had two dog´s, Pepper & Bumbi, who I miss dearly!) Beautiful wildlife all around. Peacock´s would come and visit in the morning and fireflies and night. Really dreamy.

After a few weeks like this my body and mind was so nourished, open and receptive for powerful energies. My body feels so much stronger and I feel great in my skin, strong in my mind.

Ready to share that with you. Next stop Shine Yoga retreat in Ibiza.

Stay tuned for the next Shine Yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka!


Anke Graewer + Shine yoga and surf retreat in sri lanka




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