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10 easy self-love rituals – your road map to happy.


Let’s talk about self-love. I have created a guide with ten rituals, to increase your sense of self-love. They are free and easy accessible, you just need yourself to practice.


Self-love is about treating yourself with respect, acceptance and appreciation. Self-love is the most important love in your life. If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else love you? So, start with you. We often wonder if we are enough (beautiful-, good, -thin, -smart, -strong or whatever enough). So, here is an important question: ‘ Are you loving yourself enough, to take a deep look inside?


Self Love Rituals Shine Yoga



Self-reflection and knowing yourself is a big road stop on the journey of self-love. Our sense of feeling at home in our own skin is largely influenced by the knowing and understanding, of who we are and what we desire for our life.

That can be overwhelming at first but it really starts with knowing and loving yourself. Slow and steady. I have been there and I loved the journey. This journey has brought me to 22 countries and different versions of me and love, so far and allowed me to learn from different cultures, spiritual practices, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques or Music/Mantras. This is want I share because I know it works.

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