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// This charity event was cancelt due to the big earthquake that hit Lombok and the Gili Islands in August. The situation is pretty bad over there.


The friends at H2O Yoga and Flowers and Fire Gili Air are collecting donations to support the local communities and especially their staff.  A lot of houses were flattened and rainy season in Indonesia is about to start soon.


The National Disaster Management said there was a reported damage to 606 schools, three hospitals and over 67.000 houses. It said that the human toll as of that earthquake was 460 people killed, 7700 injured and 417,000 displace.

You can easily help and donate as well. The donations go directly to the people who need it. We can all do something to support each other. All info for donations on the Facebook pages from H2O Yoga and Meditation and Flowers and Fire. Thank you!



Charity Yoga in Bali

Come and join the movement to support a plastic free ocean.
This charity Yoga class is only by donation.

Join us at H2O Yoga & Meditation Center on Gili Air Island.

The yoga class is about 90 mins.

Start at 3 pm, Saturday, August 11th. Be there a little ealier please 😉

You are invited to chill by the pool or enjoy the Good Earth Café before or after the Yoga session. There is also a nice Yin Yoga class at 5 pm.

Let´s share some good vibes and support our own health & happiness as well as the ocean.


Charity Yoga in Bali Shine Yoga