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Dare to have visions

Author: Nicole Boyer, visionary at heart and a courageous woman who is living her dream.



Dare to dream big. So big it seems almost crazy compared to our normal standards. Every human being on this planet has limitless potential, from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Our bodies diminish, but our potential never does. Until we take our last breath we have the opportunity to continually re-invent ourselves, it is truly never too late to change your perspective, to challenge yourself, to make a difference.



Mind Body Balance Yoga-Blog-Dare to have vision




We are infinite beings and yet we put ourselves in such small boxes, limiting ourselves before we have barely even opened our eyes in the morning. Thoughts about how traffic will make us feel, how we dread the weather, how we don’t want to go to work – all of these things limit us and yet many people start each new day in this way. We stay in our small boxes of what is comfortable to us, even if it is ultimately hurting us.


Dare to go beyond. Beyond what you know and what has become stagnant in your life.


Stagnation causes dis-ease, just like in a body of water trapped without movement. You don’t have to even leave your home to practice this, it can simply be changing your habits to break the stagnation. We do so incredibly much out of habit. For as many hours as there are in the day, odds are we have that many daily habits.



Why do we do each one? Which habits are keeping us from being healthy and happy? Dare to break your habits and create new ones, ones that contribute to your well being and the well being of those around you. Visualize the highest version of yourself and work towards that vision. Challenge yourself and live up to those challenges. When you are truly empowered obstacles start falling away. Life will always throw you curve balls, but they also become tools of empowerment. It all starts with a vision.



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  1. Thank you Nicole! Happy to have you as a contributor to Mind Body Balance and soul sister in life who Inspires me a lot! x

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