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Creativity in Yoga opens your heart

Last night I was ready to chill on the rooftop, watch the sunset and read the new issue of Yoga Journal and then I got inspired by Jelena Lieberberg rolled out my yoga mat and started to play.


Yoga Journal-Jelena Lieberberg-Mind Body Balance


Backbends and heart openers are some of my favorites.

Always great!

We spend way to much time hunched down over a desk, laptop or phone.



Anke Graewer Shine Yoga
Anke rooftop backbend



It´s nice to become creative in Yoga. In that backbend I was striving for a smooth, even, stable arch whose foundation is rooted in body awareness and movement integrity. Carefully back bending, slow moving and gentle to build flexibility.


While I was playing around I used the railings on the balcony to support me into a deeper stretch and open the upper spine and my ❤ more.


Being creative in Yoga and using different things as support can be fun and help you to feel deeper into an asana. Props in Yoga are not just blocks or straps. Everything can be a prop like the veranda. When you learn to use props creatively, you´ll see that they can help reinforce certain actions that difficult poses require. They can open doors into deeper sensations.


Anke Graewer Shine Yoga
Anke heart opener rooftop






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