Anke Graewer Shine Yoga Core exercise for beginners

More Core, More Energy

Specially at this time of the year when we need our centering. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Core strengths Yoga is so crucial.

It’s the area of our body that is housing our life. All our organs, our vitality. It’s important for controlling and harnessing energy through the center of our body. Our core, our center is a channel and only with a strong core are we able to access the deep potential for growth in the body and mind.  Understanding the internal workings of the body is the foundation of growth in the yoga practice. Core engaging exercise are so beneficial for our power as well and safety.


Shine Yoga Anke More Core in Yoga


It feels better when you can move with better ease. More integrity. Mindful and effortless, elegant – not only in Yoga, in life in general.

Our back and core muscles are in a relationship with each other. When both are in a healthy balance that’s ideal for us. Ideally both are tight and engaged. When you practice core strengths yoga you can avoid all kind of imbalances or injuries.


Shine Yoga More Core Strength


Having more activity in the core area, its easier to hold more energy plus there is an ease for the posture. With a better posture your whole being feels better and aligned.

When we are really connected to the core we feel victorious!
Less stressed.
More loving. More connected.

Who would want to miss out on these feelings?


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