Ceremony on Shine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

Celebrating Rituals

Celebrating rituals and ceremonies is connecting us with nature and the seasons. Like summer solstice. The longest and brightest day of the year. A special day for celebrating rituals around the world. A celebration of light and an invitation to pause, make time for self-reflection. Show gratitude for nature. With a ritual or ceremony. Celebrating ritutals is a great tradition. They provide an ongoing way to structure our life. They also help us access our authentic selves.



Rituals and ceremonies at Shine Yoga retreat



It is an opportunity to tune into a more ceremonial frequency…something that supports a meditative, embodied, open-hearted, and joyful state. That allows space to explore what happened during the first half of this year.


For me it was a lot of first times, new adventures and projects, fulfilling dreams, creating more, creating community, building my future, turbulent thought patterns, repetitive patterns, lack of mindfulness, rejections, confusion, rich conversations, encouragement, confirmation, deepened connections, lost connections, fantasy & play, exploration of body wisdom, deep belly-laughter, clarity…


Ceremony is an act of honoring relationships and creating synthesis. It is an opportunity to get rid of old patterns that are no longer of use to us, to open new doors and set new goals. It is a time of slowing down – doing less and being more. To look within ourselves and decide what we really want out of life.



Ceremony on Shine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza


Solstice light

illuminated gratitude




We needed that! See more impressions


Day´s are getting shorter from now on again. Crazy… Spring and summer  feel like they move so quickly. We should all embrace this day and use the power of the solstice to assist us in growing and bettering ourselves. I give thanks to the earth I live and love on/with/in.


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