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For Purposes, Passion and Connection.


How to prioritize your life and make time for what really matters?

That’s the title of a motivation talk I’d like to share. Well, that question can only be answered if you have goals with soul. I am a strong believer in the power of connection and community. I shared my goals with soul in a recent Female Entrepreneur Meetup, why I created Shine Yoga and why I am so passionate about creating real connections in Yoga retreats.


Anke Graewer Yoga expert and speaker for mindfulness
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There is so much I could talk about. The essential ingredient, we all share is that when we are courageous and vulnerable enough, to share what we are really passionate about, that’s when we are stepping into our power, into our female energy, into our true nature. That is a ‚success factor’ for all of us. By the way, connecting to our true self is also one of the main goals in Yoga.


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Gender doesn’t matter, it’s more about increasing the female energy. Yet still, there are differences… girls tend to overthink, to hold back because of limiting beliefs etc. That’s why it’s even more important to create meetups, gatherings, retreats like this with my friend and partner Holiday Canggu, to encourage, inspire and support each other to thrive


So, how do me measure success if money is not the driving force?

These are my favorite definitions of success:

1. When I reach my goals and feel the feelings that I want to feel
2. Being someone your 80 year old self would be proud of – no regrets
3. Being someone your inner child would think is awesome

What is your definition of success in life? Curious


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