About Shine Yoga

SHINE YOGA  is a  a conscious lifestyle that elevates your wellbeing through Yoga, Mindfulness & inspiration.


Combining all great benefits from Yoga, movement, meditation, breathwork as well as exploring our inner and outer world.


The mission of SHINE-YOGA is to connect like-minded people through Yoga and our goal is to create experiences that touch your heart & encourage your well-being. Either in retreats, workshops or special Yoga classes. Together we create union within and around us. You can join us and become a happier and healthier version of YOU!



Shine Yoga Retreat Ibiza


When we practice Yoga together it will be helping you release stress and tension from your body and mind, you will learn to connect and move with grace. This will create space so that you´ll feel lighter and more content, inspired, energized and stronger. You will feel more powerful and you will even look radiant and much more ALIVE.


Rooftop Yoga with Shine Yoga_Hamburg and Ibiza


Yoga is the most amazing way to explore the mind, body and spirit and create balance with it. It´s a beautiful practice that strengthens + tones your body, opens your heart and expands your mind to all the possibilities that lie within you. We use Yoga as a tool and you choose how much you want to feel. It´s all connected and once we experience and understand the effect that our mind has on our body and vice versa, life feels so much better. We allow ourself to reveal the magic, our true and authentic beautiful self, that´s deep inside of us. We start to SHINE.


Let´s SHINE together and create a higher vibe.

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