Create the love workshop in Sri Lanka

Yoga Workshop in Hiriketiya.


Using the tools of Yoga, Meditation and our Breath to explore the ANATOMY OF EMOTIONS.



Shine Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

What to expect?

Exploring the Anatomy of Emotions through an inspiring 2,5 hour workshop, with heart opening Yoga, Meditation for a calm and clear mind, emotional release and uplifting Pranayama (breathing practice)


What you will learn:

Where emotions like sadness, fear or love are located in your body. How to release or increase them and how to develop your awareness and well-being. What your left knee is telling you about your emotional well-being and how to discover or unravel the emotions in your body that are limiting you.


Shine Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka with Anke Graewer




Wednesday, February 6th, 10.30 am – 1 pm




Salt House, Jungle Shala, Hiriketiya Sri Lanka


Bring a journal, pen & paper and register via pm. Looking forward to seeing you đŸ’•



Please send an e-mail to reserve your spot.


Shine Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka